New Almonte RN enjoys resident-first culture

Kathy Dobson joins long-term care sector after 23 years in acute care

June 10, 2011

Joining Almonte Country Haven nearly two months ago, registered nurse (RN) Kathy Dobson says she's impressed with the quality of care residents are receiving.

"There is a very strong care attitude here, the resident is the priority," says Dobson, who prior to joining the Lanark County long-term care home worked as a nurse in acute care for 24 years.

Dobson saw an ad in the paper for the RN role and also knew Almonte's director of care Mona Williams, a former colleague, which motivated her to apply.

Moving from an acute care setting to long-term care can create a learning curve but Dobson credits her organization skills as contributing to a smooth transition at Almonte Country Haven. 

The ability to be calm under pressure and multi-task are also definite assets when working in long-term care.

As an RN, Dobson‘s role involves working with other registered staff and health-care aides, and she appreciates the communication among the team, which is "very good and very key."

However, the most favourite part of her work is being with the residents, a free spirited and lively bunch who aren't afraid to express themselves, according to Dobson.

"They just come out with various spontaneous comments, says Dobson, adding these cute remarks happen several times a day. "The residents are really fun."

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