More nurse practitioners equal stronger LTC sector, says administrator

NPs also positioned to train front-line staff

March 21, 2014

The Ontario government’s plan to provide funding for 75 new, in-house nurse practitioners (NPs) in long-term care homes over the next three years is another step towards enhancing quality in long-term care homes, says Village Green administrator Linda Pierce.
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Village Green raises $1,700 for Operation Warm Toes

Administrator Linda Pierce makes good on fundraising promise and shaves her head

March 20, 2014

Linda Pierce knew her shaved head would not be conducive to this bitterly cold winter, however, she says cutting off her hair was a small price to pay to contribute to the greater good.
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NPs are a valuable educational resource for LTC staff

Burnbrae Gardens team members discuss how NPs are sharing knowledge

March 19, 2014

The value nurse practitioners (NPs) bring to long-term care homes has been discussed extensively by the OMNIway recently, but as Burnbrae Gardens team members point out these health-care professionals also bring valuable educational resources to homes.
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Rights and safety top of mind when residents pursue relationships

Team members discuss how they support residents

March 18, 2014

A recent OMNIway series explored the issue of resident relationships in long-term care homes. While different situations arise in different homes, OMNI Health Care homes uphold a common focus on people’s rights and ensuring safety.
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More NPs in LTC will build upon individualized care: administrator

Maureen King commends province for announcement

March 17, 2014

The 75 new, in-house long-term care nurse practitioners (NPs) the province has promised to fund over the next three years will play an important part in strengthening individualized, person-centred care in the sector, says Maureen King.
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Chris Weber named OSNM Kawarthas representative

Nutrition and food-services manager hoping to bring shared experiences to OMNI

March 14, 2014

Chris Weber has a long track record of dedication to food-services management, and this focus has led to him being named the Ontario Society of Nutrition Management’s (OSNM’s) Kawarthas chapter representative.

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More LTC NPs will pave way for enhanced seniors care

Burnbrae Gardens' participation in NPSTAT one example of reduced hospital transfers

March 13, 2014

Having access to a nurse practitioner (NP) is enhancing quality of life for residents living at Burnbrae Gardens, and by adding 75 new NPs to Ontario long-term care homes, the province is paving the way for better seniors’ health care while reducing burden on emergency rooms, says April Faux.
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NP announcement 'exciting,' says Frost Manor nurse

Nancy Lafete commends province for funding 75 in-house NPs over three years

March 12, 2014

When long-term care residents need medical attention that cannot be provided by in-house nursing staff, they often need to be transferred to hospital. But when homes have access to a nurse practitioner (NP) this transfer is usually avoided — and the more transfers can be avoided the better, says Nancy Lafete.
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Evacusleds could 'save a lot of lives' in emergencies: PSW

Willows fire-safety team member attests to value of new devices

March 11, 2014

If a fire ever broke out in a long-term care home equipped with Evacusleds, the devices would “save a lot of lives,” says Willows Estate personal support worker (PSW) and fire-safety team member Hayley Barclay.
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Patient ombudsman announced by Ontario government

Process already in place for complaints and concerns in long-term care homes

March 10, 2014

TORONTO - OMNI Health Care is supportive of a section of accountability legislation announced at Queen's Park March 6.
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